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Feel More Energized & Confident

Let Us Help You Get in the Best Shape of Your Life!

Keep reading If you experience the following…

  • Feel tired and drained all the time
  • Wake up with aches and pains
  • Are looking for a natural way to manage stress 
  • Dread going shopping because Nothing fits
  • Want to be in shape but don’t know where to begin
  • You know you need to get healthier but keep putting it off
  • You always put yourself last
  • You would like to work out but are not sure how to get results


Coach V & Dani’s Fusion Fitness Program

The fusion fitness program is an online personal training experience that includes yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and weight training. Every time we work with a client we create a totally unique program for them based on their Fitness level, interests and goals.

We take into consideration what type of equipment you may have on hand, if you’re working at a gym, a local park or even your living room we create a program that fits your lifestyle.

Martial Arts, Pilates,
Weight Training

& More… 

By blending different types of modalities into each workout we keep each session interesting and fun.

Together we bring 25 years of personal training experience and are passionate about helping people make big changes in their lives. We take you by the hand and work together with you through the entire process.

You will never feel alone again. Let’s create your personalized program today. A healthier lifestyle begins here…

Stop Walking Around the Gym, Feeling Overwhelmed

Not knowing where to start and how to get results…

Stop saying you have to and start doing it!

Are you ready to feel more energy than you have any years, boost your confidence and your overall state of well-being?

Are you ready to make a lasting change in your health and lifestyle?

Join Coach V and Dani’s Fusion Fitness Program and they will customize a fitness plan just for you. 

You will know exactly what steps to take to get in the best shape of your life. So you finally get the results you’ve been looking for. 

    Here’s What’s Included

    Personalized Fitness program

    A new fitness program is created every month based on your current Fitness level, goals and personal interest

    Coaching Calls

    One coach and, to keep you on track. Here we set new goals and begin to design your program for the month ahead

    Monthly Assessments

    Every month we review your progress and discuss any improvements that can be made

    Support 7 Days a Week

    We are committed to your success and are here to answer all your questions

    No Equipment Needed

    Whatever your environment or equipment on hand we can design a program for you

    Nutritional Guidance and Planning

    We help you plan your meals and share with you  our knowledge on how to stay on track to reach your fitness goals

    Goal Based Training

    We design your program with your interests in mind.  from yoga and pilates to weight training, we have you covered

    Recovering Injuries

    We have experience working with individuals recovering from injuries and surgery and will design your program to optimize your recovery 

    what They’re Saying

    Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

    Gain Energy

    This Program is for you if You…

    • Want to learn exactly what steps to take to get you in shape
    • Feel overwhelmed and frustrated when working out at the gym 
    • Need a game plan when you enter the gym
    • Wake up with aches and pains
    • Want to feel more relaxed and less anxious
    • Want to feel more energized
    • Are ready to shift your mindset and make lasting change
    • Want to feel healthier for yourself and your family
    • Would  love to get in shape for that trip you’ve been dreaming about
    • Would  like to fit into your favorite jeans and enjoy going shopping again
    • Gain Energy, Boost Confidence & Stay on Track

    Let’s Create Your Customized Fitness Program TOgether

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When I purchase the online fusion fitness program how will it be delivered?

    The program will be delivered every week. You will receive an email with your workouts for the week in pdf format with links to instructional videos for each exercise.

    Do I need any special equipment to do this program?

    Nope, we create an exercise program with whatever you have on hand.

    What If I have questions about the exercises?

    You will be provided with an instructional video of each exercise, but if you have questions you can always give us a call or text for support.

    I don't have a gym membership. Will the online fusion fitness program work for me?

    Yes, it will work for you. You do not need a gym membership. 

    If I don't like the program do you offer a refund?

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the program we will provide a refund.

    Is it safe to do this program if I have an injury?

    We have experience working with clients who are recovering from injuries. We can speak directly with your medical provider if needed to make sure we are creating a program that is safe for you to follow.

    I've never exercised before. Will the fusion fitness program work for me?

    We work at your pace and have experience helping people who have never worked out before. Small steps each day leads to big rewards.

    Select Your Plan

    All programs include access to a private Facebook group, access to exclusive content, and 24/7 support from Coach V and Dani.

    Make the Next 30 Days Count

    Let’s Create Your Personalized Fitness Program Together

    If you have additional questions and would like to speak with Coach V call 786-499-2434

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    If after trying the program you are not satisfied give us a call and we will refund your money.