Optimal Mobility

About Personal Training

We are helping people live healthier and happier lives with a customized protocol of corrective exercises. Neuromuscular stimulation (PNF),  vibrational therapy,  stretching and breathing techniques to harmonize the mind and body.

Who Is Optimal Mobility For?

Anyone looking to maintain a healthy balanced body as well as those dealing with chronic physical conditions arising from excessive hours sitting at a desk, childbearing, truck-driving, sport participation or everyday stress.

What Are the Benefits?

The Benefits of Optimal Mobility

Most of us live with some level of muscular and balance due to any number of reasons such as old injuries playing a sport, arthritis, childbearing, or simply too many hours behind a desk.

The increase of blood flow and range of motion help bring balance to the body. A balanced body will allow movement in mechanically correct planes and postures thereby eliminating many chronic pains and or enhancing athletic abilities.

Optimal Mobility Protocol


Activation Techniques



Corrective Exercises

Vibration Therapy


Myofascial Release

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